kick the plug

Kick The Plug April 1st 2009 w/ Six Toes + The Greenland Choir + Katie Malco + Tristram


A change of pace after last months barnstorming Sons of Noel & Adrian led stampathon.

April sees KTP presenting the excellently sinister Six Toes, the serene and elegant The Greenland Choir and sets from Tristram and Katie Malco (that’s two sets, not one collaboration).

Six Toes

‘Scruffy, sinister folk rock. Something like Anthony and the Johnsons singing the scariest words of Aleister Crowley. In hell’. – NME

After touring with the Mystery Jets, King Creosote and Jamie T in 2007, SixToes retreated to the deepest darkest fenland backwater town of Ely (Cambridgeshire, England), to build a little home studio sandwiched between the asylum and historic cathedral. As the cold closed in they hightailed it back to their squat in London where they put together the finishing touches to their album. The band consists two vocalists, who trade in wide, off kilter harmonies, cello, violin, double bass and percussion. Their remix of Maps’ ‘Elouise’ was recently released by Mute Records followed with their AA single ‘Four Leaved Clover / Reggae Song. The band have just released their debut album ‘Trick Of The Night’.

The Greenland Choir

There’s hushed vocals over tinkly guitar lines and glockenspiel, piano etc. If that’s your thing, and lets face it, it darn well should be, The Greenland Choir will be right up your street. They’ve come all the way from Greenland too*, so attendance is the least you could do.

* this bit may not** be true.
** isn’t.

Katie Malco

A return to KTP for the wonderful Katie Malco. She played our second ever KTP and frankly, I’m appalled it’s taken us so long to get her back but back she is and I’ve punished the other KTP members suitably for the delay. She sings heartfelt folk songs with a beautiful voice. Think Joni Mitchell but better. Yes, I went there.


Soon to be huge, if there’s any justice in the world (thanks Lemar), Tristram is a one man folk machine. I’ve no idea if it’s just one man but the songs are brilliant. Listen on his myspace (v down there v) if you don’t believe me.