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Kick The Plug 3rd September 2008 – Sons of Noel & Adrian + Blacklands + Stanton Delaplane

Hello, we’ve had a bit of facelift both blog-wise and flyer-wise now that Kick The Plug has now moved to the Wilmington Arms.

Hope you like it.

Here’s our first line-up in the new place:

Sons of Noel and Adrian
Closely resembling a giant centipede in motion Sons of Noel and Adrian grew up in the midlands with many like-minded musical folk. A couple of years ago they moved to Brighton to gather more legs and are now a fully formed outfit with sometimes as many as ten members or as few as five.

The music is acoustic and falls loosely into the progressive folk niche. At the core are Jacob and Toms tumbling guitars, joined by a colourful host of other instruments to create music that ranges from Shanty to Schoenburg, from deep underground to just above the surface and muses on whether excess can make you a better person and what’s to do when your credit’s all used up and there’s nowhere to go.

Renowned illustrator Al Murphy’s latest musical project is a favourite of ours and he returns to check out the new venue with a slightly smaller band for a more intimate show. Expect songs about baying wolves, sinking ships, moons and death, with a few chuckles thrown in for good measure.

Stanton Delaplane
Stanton has been playing solo developing his own live sound based around vocal loops and finger picked acoustic guitar. He now also incorporates a looped euphonium and music box as well as the odd bit of banjo and when I saw him in Bristol had a marvelous use of a french horn (although it may have been a Tuba, I’m not so hot on brass instruments).

As ever, Tom and I will be playing music between sets to keep your minds from wandering too far and this time we’ll be being joined by Dale Grundle of The Sleeping Years who’ll be bringing a choice selection of songs for your entertainment.

Should be an excellent night, hopefully see you all there.

here’s a flyer and Map should you want either of them;
Kick the plug 3/9/08