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Kick The Plug june 3rd 2009 w/ Superman Revenge Squad + A-line + more TBC (no Blue Roses)
May 13, 2009, 2:40 pm
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june 09

Blue roses who was previously billed to play this event, is no longer able to perform as she is going on tour with Mika. Kick The Plug goes on regardless however with the following excellence:

Blue Roses

In all the decent press at the moment for all the right reasons. Her debut album came out in April and is undoubtedly going to be featuring near the business end of year end lists come December. Think haunting folk with a timeless voice but don’t take my word for it, this is what THE SUNDAY TIMES had to say:

“A haunting record, full of unexpected instrumental textures that course beneath Groves’s extraordinary voice and eerie, elusive lyrics” 4****


Superman Revenge Squad

He’s back and this time he’s brought some help. Not that he needed it, I’m just trying to build on the superhero theme. He wowed the Kick The Plug crowd with a solo set last year so I’m struggling to contain myself at the thought of what he might do with a band behind him.


Like the dresses, we’re hoping this lot are going to be big in Summer 2009 and we’re hoping to give them an extra push at June Kick The Plug. They don’t need it mind because they’re brilliant, which you’ll find out if you come along.

I’m spent. See you on June 3rd.

Wilmington Arms, 69 Roseberry Avenue, EC1R 4RL
020 7837 1384
nearest tube Angel/Farringdon

£5 on the door
£4 advance from wegottickets

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