kick the plug

July 2, 2008, 10:30 am
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Hello all,

It seems that keeping a simple diary of events is too hard a task for Catch, and they’d also promised the venue to a mate of the manager. You may be wondering why this takes priority considering a) the comparative quality of our acts and b) the fact that every listings magazine and website is advertising our event. We are left wondering this ourselves and have had no real explanation.

We were left in the position of finding another venue with two days notice that would have a good enough sound system for two acoustic acts AND the 5-piece Moonshine-Moonshine. Needless to say anywhere that’s available at that notice isn’t any good, and also given that all our promotion was for Catch then we were incredibly likely to lose half of our audience by moving. For the sake of the bands and attendees we’d rather cancel the event completely than waste anyone’s time with a shit night, and on investigating the venues that were available that’s what we ended up doing.

Sincere apologies for any disappointment, but I believe we’ve done the right thing. We shall no longer be promoting events at Catch.